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Aromatherapy Comfort Bears - wonderful for soothing and comforting children of any age. The vest for our stuffed teddy bear may be heated in the microwave for 1-2 minutes to give a warm huggable squeeze that will stay warm for up to an hour. The vest is removable and attaches securely in front with a velcro closure.

Whether you are wanting to give some warmth and security for those early morning (and often chilly) commutes to the day care, calm a tense child or a sick one, or just to help them relax and go to sleep at nap or bedtime, these Aromatherapy Comfort Bears may be just right. And if you're a grandparent, what better gift for a child than a teddy bear? It will be the teddy bear friend of their childhood!

Our teddy bears look a lot like the Winnie the Pooh bear. He is VERY soft and huggable and comforting all by himself, but add in the microwaveable vest (you choose the color and the optional aromatherapy), and you have a grand recipe for success. We have two sizes & the smaller size plush teddy bear measures about 11" high from top to toe (8.5" high when sitting), and the large teddy bear measures about 20" from top to toe (14" sitting).

You can even order an Aromatherapy Comfort Bear with a matching fleece blanket! Any child would be delighted and be ready to cuddle and snuggle right away. And actually, even adults love these (but don't tell the kids). Click here to order sets.

Available in these scents for aromatherapy gifts which are created with dried flowers and/or spices:
Lavender - known for its calming and relaxing qualities
Cinnamon - a great favorite of children and known for soothing and comforting
Peppermint - known for clearing the mind and decongestive properties
Unscented - if your child is allergic to the flowers and/or spices, you may opt for unscented

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Aromatherapy Teddy Bear with Microwaveable Vest
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