Want to do a Comparison between our bags and others?

There are other companies who make similar bags.
Would you like to have a way of rating them or comparing them?
Of course, you will make your own decision, but if you wish to rate or compare, here are some points to consider:

Click to enlargeCompare Quality
Look for clear explanation of materials used. What fibers are used in the fabric? What are the bags filled with, and what quality of fill is used? If comparing aromatherapy bags, what do they use? (Oils can stain and quickly lose their scent when heated.)

Comfort Bags Quality
We use 100% cotton flannel for our bags. Our bags are filled with whole grain wheat. (See our recommendations on the 'Info' page.) Our aromatherapy is done with organic, dried herbs and spices.

Click to enlargeCompare Cost
Make sure when you compare cost that you add up ALL costs, including covers, aromatherapy, and especially shipping and handling! Consider if they offer discounts for multiple bags or covers.

Comfort Bags Cost
Our Comfort Bags are offered with FREE shipping and handling. You can also get a discount for larger orders (5 or more). AND we offer coupons to our existing customers twice a year.

Click to enlargeCompare Recommendations
Some sites say their bags are recommended by various health professionals. Do they actually list any professional recommendations? Do the health professionals use them, have them, sell them? Is anyone actually listed by name and address?

Comfort Bag Recommendations
Our bags are not only recommended, but actually used in the offices of health professionals across the country. They even sell our product!

Click to enlargeCompare Construction
Is their product constructed in sections? Or is it one big square or rectangle? All of the fill grain may fall to one corner when using.

Comfort Bags Construction
We have 3 separate sections in our square bags, and 4 in our long bags. This keeps the grain more evenly distributed.

Click to enlargeCompare Covers
These types of bags cannot be washed. Some don't even offer washable covers. But if they do, check if they are open on the end. If they are, the bag may fall out during use. Are they washable, and do they match your bag?

Comfort Bags Covers
Our covers are specially constructed with a fold over flap which prevents the bag from falling out or shifting during use. They match your bag, and are easily removeable and washable.

Click to enlargeCompare Choices
How many choices are you offered? Can you choose a size or fabric? Can you choose the scent you desire or get a bag without scent? Are you specifically told the measurements of the bags?

Comfort Bags Choices
You may choose either an all purpose square, curved neck and shoulder, or long bag. You may also choose what aromoatherapy scent you desire, if any. In addition, we show you actual fabric samples from which you may choose.

Click to enlargeCompare Guarantees
Does the company offer any kind of guarantee? Can you get your money back if you don't like it, or will they only replace the bag if it's defective? Do they keep a 're-stocking' fee?

Comfort Bags Guarantee
We offer a 30 day money-back guarantee. No dickering, no forms, no hassle. Just return the bag, and we'll send you a check for a full refund of the purchase price right away. See the 'Info' page for details.

Click to enlargeCompare Ordering Convenience
Do they offer SECURE online ordering? Do they offer you the convenience of using your favorite credit card? Is there an option to order by mail or send in a check or money order?

Comfort Bags Convenience
We offer SECURE ordering, and you may use your Yahoo Wallet if you like. We also accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. You may also print out the order form and mail it in.

Click to enlargeCompare Companies
How long has the company been in existence? Are they responsive to your inquiries via email or phone? Is it likely they'll be in existence next year? Do they have a privacy policy in regard to your email address, and other information?

Comfort Bags Company
Our official company name is Lost Art Handicraft. We have been using and selling these bags since 1997. They are our main product, and we care very deeply about their quality, and our customer's satisfaction. Rest assured, we will be around for quite some time. Our privacy policy is in line with Yahoo, and is stated clearly from our 'Info' page.

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