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Aromatherapy microwave heating pads have added dried herbs or spices to the natural whole grain wheat to enhance your experience.

We presently have 3 herbal scents for you to choose from for your aromatherapy microwave heating pad:
(If you have a special request, please call or email us.)

1. Lavender/Chamomile - this combination is a soft scent well known for its relaxation and anti-inflammatory properties.

2. Cinnamon - this is a stronger scent known for its soothing and comforting properties.

3. Peppermint - known for clearing the mind and stimulating clear thinking. It is also said to have analgesic, decongestive, digestive and cooling properties.

Long aromatherapy microwavable heating pads are approximately 6x18 inches. Square aromatherapy microwavable heating pads measure about 9x9 or 12x12 inches. We make unique 'baffles' in our long and square aromatherapy microwave heating bags to create sections so that the natural whole grain wheat is distributed more evenly. This keeps the organic grain from bunching all in one place, as many other bags do.
We now also offer a pillow like Comfort Curve aromatherapy microwave heating pad neck wrap. This aromatherapy microwavable neck warmer measures about 25 inches along the arc, but does not have baffles as they are more heavily filled.

These aromatherapy microwave heating bags are a great alternative to electric blankets. Especially for children, and the elderly. Microwavable aromatherapy heating bags make excellent foot warmers for your bed too.

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Aromatherapy Microwave Heating Pads
Aromatherapy Microwave Heating Pads

Whether you choose Square (all purpose), Long (especially for neck and shoulders), or the Comfort Curve neck wrap aromatherapy microwave heating pads, you will certainly enjoy these comforting aromas from organic herbs as your pain and achiness fade. Or use our aromatherapy microwave heating pad as a bed warmer and drift off to sleep while the aromatherapy relaxes you and the warmth comforts you.

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Aromatherapy Microwave Heating Pads
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Comfort Bag Covers
Comfort Bag Covers
Comfort Bag Covers

All our covers are removable and washable, and are made of the same 100% cotton flannel fabric that you have chosen for your microwave heating pad. They have a unique fold-over end that won't slip off your Comfort Bag. Put them on your microwave heating pads whenever you use them. Leave them on your microwave heating pads when you microwave them or put them in your freezer.

If you want the very best in covers, get a Comfort Carrier! It's designed to hold a Long microwave heating pad or a Comfort Curve microwave heating pad, and can be wrapped around you to hold the microwave heating pad in place comfortably. Great for lower back and lumbar support.

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~Comfort Bags sold separately.

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